6 Surprising Benefits Of Massage

Original Post: Viral Newsfeed Stories on 03/10/15

Good news! Experts explain the reasons you can stop making excuses for why you deserve a rub down.

Minimize migraine headaches

You might want to try going for a massage if you experience migraine headaches constantly. According to research at the University of Auckland, people who went for massage therapy for several weeks reported having better sleep quality and lesser migraine headaches after.

 Minimize pain from exercises or workouts

According to a study by Buck Institue for Research on Aging, it was shown that massage therapy could help muscles with inflammation. Inflammation occurs post-exercise/workouts and is what causes the muscle aches and pains. For people who regularly hit the gym, a massage therapy may be what you need.

 Promotes youthful skin

During a massage session, blood flow is increased due to the pressing and kneading that occur. This increased blood flow keeps your face radiant and has a glowing effect. According to Women's Health, massages causes toxins to shift out of the cell, allowing nutrients back into the cell. This causes the skin to look radiant and healthy.

 Help to overcome PMS

According to a study done by Touch Research Institute and University of Miami Medical School, having massage sessions regularly reduced PMS symptoms for women aged 19-45.

 Reliefs chronic pain

Massage can help to relief chronic pain sufferers such as fibromyalgia, degenerative joins, arthritis and disc problems. Even after a couple of massage sessions, the pain relief can be quite evident.

 Reduces cancer side effects

According to research in Boston, cancer patients that got massage therapy reported reduced pain, better sleep quality and overall improved life quality. This includes less intense symptoms like stress, nausea, fatigue and depression.